Kevin has performed for audiences of thousands delivering his razor-sharp political humor with a smooth chaser of sarcasm. His comedy has been described as the lovechild of Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld. Along with hosting his own Reparations Comedy Tour, Kevin Jackson is an award-winning podcaster, political commentator, speaker, best-selling author, actor, comedian, content creator, movie producer, and the CEO of The Kevin Jackson Network.


Brad began his comedy career on A&E’s Evening At The Improv and MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour. He has been described as “The Clean Denis Leary”! Newsweek refers to his style as “Conservative (with a) rat-a-tat delivery!”  The New Yorker heralds him as a “Frantic conservative with echoes of Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Alan Keyes!”  Brad’s comedy overflows with hilarious jabs at liberals, humanists, political correctness, and judgmental Christians.