The Unapologetically American Comedy Tour protects your words!


Words have power, and that’s why many want to stop you from using certain words. Those who want to stop you from using words, label you. Using what? Words.

Climate deniers, election deniers, Ultra MAGA, semi-fascists, and what about the well-worn label of RACIST!

Words are under fire, and so is the First Amendment.

Comics are being attacked on stage while doing their jobs. Chappelle was attacked during one of his shows, and Chris Rock was attacked on national TV by Will Smith.

Other comics are being cancelled, because their material is deemed offensive. By people who take offense at the weather!

Well, it’s time to fight back by making fun of those who wish to stop you from expressing your opinion, from having a point of view.

The Unapologetically American Comedy Tour protects your words!

These brave comedians tackle any and all issues cleverly. Because comedy exists to make observations that most people miss. Comedy turns tragedy into laughter. Comedy makes fun of the insane and points out hypocrisies and ironies, regardless of origin.

Your support will help us bring The Unapologetically American Comedy Tour to all Americans, and no subject is too controversial.

While hysterically funny, this comedy tour is not about just the laughs. The UACT does its part to save the republic.

If you believe that comedy has no political ideology or boundaries, then please support this tour.

One Tour, Three Comedians, a Million laughs!


SUPPORT the show that spotlights the hypocrisy of division as these brave comedians put themselves in the line of fire so that others may speak freely.


Kevin has performed for audiences of thousands delivering his razor-sharp political humor with a smooth chaser of sarcasm. His comedy has been described as the lovechild of Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld. Along with hosting his own Reparations Comedy Tour, Kevin Jackson is an award-winning podcaster, political commentator, speaker, best-selling author, actor, comedian, content creator, movie producer, and the CEO of The Kevin Jackson Network.



Tim is a 20-year stand-up comedian veteran, TV and movie personality, writer, and speaker. Tim Wilkins has performed on hundreds of stages for millions of people around the world; stages including the legendary Radio City Music Hall. He has been regularly featured on the comedy channels of Sirius Radio since 2005. Tim has delivered his comedy to the masses performing with Bob Newhart, Dennis Miller, Louie Anderson, Kevin Nealon, the late Bob Saget, and many more.



Brad Stine began his comedy career on A&E’s Evening at the Improv and MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour. He has been described as “The Clean Denis Leary”! Newsweek refers to his style as “Conservative (with a) rat-a-tat delivery!” and The New Yorker heralds him as a “Frantic conservative with echoes of Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Alan Keyes!” Brad’s comedy overflows with hilarious jabs at liberals, humanists, political correctness, and so much more.

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